Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus®

Carmex never ceases to amaze me. Their products have been moisturizing our lips ever since Alfred Woelbing mixed up the first batch in his kitchen in 1937. I was overjoyed when they came out with their Moisture Plus line a few years ago, it does wonders for my dry lips, which are prone to being chapped.

I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters who were ever so unlucky when they inherited my lip issues. My oldest is now a teenager, she had to go out on her own and find out what I have been telling her for years, the only thing that works great for us is Carmex. Imagine how excited she was when she learned that Carmex Moisture Plus now comes in cute designs. They have one for every fashion personality, my daughter has multiple fashion personalities so I was only able to snag one of the four I was sent before she hid the rest from me. You may want to keep a tight fist on yours, better yet, buy one for each of your family and friends, then they won't need to take yours.

Is your style trendy or classic? Take this 7 question QUIZ to find out which Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus® stick fits your style. Mine is Whimsical, but to be honest I like them all equally, as long as they contain the same great Carmex lip care product.

The Chic stick is inspired by Audrey. She’s a modern girl, with classic taste. She detests anything garish or overly-embellished, preferring instead the sophisticated style of black and white patterns with an elegant, high-end aesthetic. On a Saturday night, you can most likely find her at an upscale art gallery opening or attending a theater performance.        
Name: Audrey
Fashion Icon: Coco Chanel
Words to live by: "Less is more."
Her style in one word: Classic
Go-to outfit: Little black dress
Statement shoes: Black slingbacks

The Adventurous stick gets its up-for-anything attitude from Peggy. She’s the girl who has never turned down a concert ticket most of her stories begin with the phrase "I was at this great show, when…" When it comes to fashion, Peggy believes the wilder the outfit, the better. From leopard print pants to leather jackets, there’s no fashion statement she’s afraid to try. On a Saturday night, you’ll find her in the front row at the most rocking concert in town.
Name: Peggy
Fashion Icon: Debbie Harry
Words to live by: "You only live once."
Her style in one word: Daring
Go-to outfit: Leather pants and a backstage pass
Statement shoes: Platform sandal

The Fab stick is inspired by Edie, the girl who embodies the spirit of London in the 1960s. She believes the miniskirt is the best invention of the 20th century, and she’d never dream of leaving home without her eyelashes curled to perfection. She loves anything new and of-the-moment, from avant-garde art to the latest buzzworthy band. On a Saturday night, you’ll find her at the newest, most talked about club in town, always surrounded by a circle of ├╝ber-hip friends.
Name: Edie
Fashion Icon: Twiggy
Words to live by: "It’s all groovy."
Her style in one word: Mod
Go-to outfit: Mini-dress
                                      Statement shoes: Go-go boots

The Whimsical stick is inspired by Skye, the free-spirited, nature-lover. Skye is the girl whose ideal weekend is spent camping in the woods, soaking up the beauty of the wilderness. She prefers clothes that allow her to express her creativity, without restraining her from going on a spur-of-the-moment hike. Jeans and a tunic or organic cotton maxi dresses are her everyday favorites. On a Saturday night you’ll likely find her at an outdoor concert or music festival surrounded by like-minded people.        
Name: Skye
Fashion Icon: Joni Mitchell
Words to live by: "Reduce, reuse, recycle."
Her style in one word: Carefree
Go-to outfit: Patterned maxi dress
                                      Statement shoes: Flat leather sandals

One lucky follower will be receiving their very own set of four Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus®, Check out my facebook page for your chance to win. Due to time restraints, this will be a flash giveaway so I can the info into the company quickly.

Disclaimer: I was given samples to try for this review, no monetary exchange took place, all opinions in this post are souly mine. Carmex owns rights to all pictures and trademarked products, names, etc. All items were used with permission. Facebook does not endorse any giveaways and is not responsible for prize distribution..