Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Look at all the pretty colors.

So here I am yet again with another Carmex product to try. This time around I was given a sample of the new Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm, with a Tint of color.
  • Bathe your lips in moisture
  • With a little help from vitamin E and aloe, Carmex Moisture Plus™ lip balm helps nourish and moisturize lips leaving them so soft they will be hard to resist.
  • With SPF 15, Carmex Moisture Plus protects your lips from the sun so you can play all day and know you’re covered.
  • Take it out for a night on the town. A sheer pink, sheer peach or clear satin gloss finish add a hint of shine, while the sleek, slant-tip applicator looks almost as stylish as you.
I love that it is light like a lip gloss, but moisturizes like a lip balm should. The sleek packaging makes it easy to tote in my purse or my pocket and the slight color is just enough to give me that little bit of glam when I want it, but not so overpowering that it looks like I applied several coats of lipstick. Still carries that trade mark Carmex taste and I swear I still felt the tingle. I wish this stuff was around in my younger days, but I am not about to let it go to waste. The color is even soft enough that I have given my daughter permission to wear it, better she wear something that protects her lips form sun damage than to wear regular lipstick that I feel she is too young for.


My favorite shade is the Sheer Pink, soft pink color just right for my fair complexion. My daughter prefers Sheer Peach and we both like the clear for days when we just don't need the color. This product takes my Carmex addiction to a whole other level. It holds the moisture in without the grease, and does not require as much re-application. Carmex Moisture Plus Tints are only available at Walgreens stores and online at

One lucky reader will win Two Carmex Moisture Plus Tint Lip Balms: One is Sheer Pink and One is Sheer Peach. What a great stocking stuffer just in time for the holidays.

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I was given a sample of these products to try, I received no money for my writing this review and the opinions expressed here are 100% mine and not those of the Carmex Labs. All images belong to Carmex and are used with their permission, I take no creative credit for them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is that Carmex on your legs?

You bet it is and I know what you are thinking. We all have memories of Carmex Lip Balm, some old, some new. You may remember secretly putting it on in the girls bathroom right before the football game, just in case that special boy tried to sneak a kiss. Could not take a chance of your lips feeling like sandpaper during that magic moment in your life. Why should your hands, feet, face, and legs be any different.

For over 70 years people have come to love the healing power of Carmex® lip balms. Finally, Carmex® Skin Care is here with a new solution to heal, soothe and moisturize your dry skin. Available only at Walgreens, and

I suffer from chronic dry skin. I have my whole life. I itch, I scratch, I look ashy, and my skin is flaky. I wear jeans in the summer, just so no one sees my dry legs. Sure I can use lotion, but I hadn't found one that really helped until now.

I was given a sample of both the New CARMEX® HEALING LOTION and CARMEX® HEALING CREAM to try, I was asked to tell you what i really thought. Have you ever known me to not tell you how I really feel about something.

First Carmex Healing Lotion is my new best friend, I carry it with me everywhere. It is light, non greasy, and best of all it works. I noticed a change from day one. After using the lotion my skin went from being dry and scratchy to soft and smooth. The lotion itself doesn't feel much different from the popular lotions on the market as you are applying it, however after you have it rubbed in good it doesn't feel greasy like those same lotions tend to. I can tell it is there, but it is not an unpleasant feeling. Going back to what i was saying about memories, when I first started using this product I noticed it had this very pleasant and somewhat calming scent. It was a scent I could remember, but could not put my finger on. As the days went on my daughter came into my room as I was rubbing my legs down with it before bed and she stated "Mom you smell like a Cabbage Patch Doll", then it hit me. The scent is soft, much like the fake baby smell they add to toy dolls, this is why I found it calming and comforting, some of my fondest childhood memories are of me playing with my dolls. Carmex® Healing Lotion is made using a patent pending process that delivers healing and moisturizing without a greasy feel.

Now for the troubled spots I used the Carmex® Healing Cream. It has a similar scent to the lotion, however I could also smell a slight medicine smell which wasn't too unpleasant, but not my favorite smell either. It isn't overpowering so it is something I could deal with since I was only using this product at night. I was so tired of my scratchy, dry feet snagging the blankets. I tried wearing aloe socks to bed, but by morning the sock trolls ended up getting one or more of them and they were not helping my feet. This stuff does work, it is thicker than lotion and I didn't really notice a greasy feel to it. The big difference between the two, is that while the Lotion started helping me right away, the areas I used the cream on were the worst and took a bit longer to heal. I started seeing dramatic changes within two days and while they are still not 100% better as of today, I see new results and am optimistic that soon my feet will look and feel great. Carmex® Healing Cream is made using a patent pending process that delivers concentrated healing and moisturizing of your driest, roughest skin.

Both products get a thumbs up from me, cause in the end they do work and they don't smell too bad either. Works for guys as well since they do not smell like flowers and junk. These retail for 5.99 USD each and are found at Walgreen's,, and At 5.99 I consider this a good deal for great lotion. Both come in a tube style package that is easy to squeeze with a flip top lid.

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I was given "Samples" of these products by Carmex to try so that I could give you my honest opinion, no monetary compensation was provided by Carmex and all opinions written in this blog are my own. All Images and logos belong to Carmex and I take no creative credit for them.

Wait don't go yet......How would you like to WIN a Carmex Winter Essentials Kit, complete with bottles of both the Carmex Healing Lotion and Carmex Healing Cream as well as a selection of Carmex Lip Balms. Sounds goo huh. All you have to do to have a chance to win is follow the steps below. One lucky follower of this Blog will win the same kit I was sent, which I know you will LOVE and well if you do not, I will gladly take it off your hands. HA HA

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Monday, August 30, 2010

So much time and nothing to do.

The children have returned to school and while I stated all summer that I could not wait for school to start again, I miss them. I also miss having something constructive to do.

My ten year old is growing up way too fast. She has blossomed into a beautiful young woman over the summer and is enjoying her first year of Junior High. She still gets moody and constantly picks fights with her little sister, but if I remember correctly these are the joys of dealing with a teenager, I just get to deal with them 3 years earlier than I had planned. We did bond quite a bit over the vacation, I know she thinks I am the smartest person in the world(and I will enjoy that while it lasts) and she has developed a great love of coupons, which is enough to make any mother proud.

My 6 year old hasn't changed much, she still talks way to much and loves to bug big sister to the point of tears. My one fear going into the school year, was that she would not want to go or would not enjoy it. Last year was hard on her. Great news, she loves school. Her new teacher is a doll and has lots of patience, which is something her kindergarten teacher lacked. the only complaint my child has voiced is that she is tired of doing the same worksheets she did in kindergarten and is ready to learn something new. I was able to curb those complaints by explaining that the teacher just wants to make sure she didn't forget anything while she was on vacation. Leave it to Auriel to argue that we were only at Holiday World for one day and that was not long enough to forget anything.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Precious Moments

The first time you hear that heart beat, the first ultrasound, buying the first baby blankie, holding those tiny little fingers for the first time....babies mean plenty of Precious Moments to share and enjoy. They also mean plenty of shopping.
One thing I love almost as much as new babies is shopping for them. Those tiny tees, soft cuddly blankets, cute stuffed toys in a rainbow of soft pastel colors, just makes my heart melt. That's why I am pleased to be part in announcing the launch of a great online destination for adorable baby must haves, the Precious Moments Baby Boutique.
As a child I remember the darling little figurines of characters made by creator Sam Butcher. The tear-drop eyed faces have brought smiles to many for over 30 years, Precious Moments helps share the gift of love by celebrating life's most special moments, including welcoming new babies.

At Precious Moments Baby Boutique you will find a great selection of baby gifts and gear, from clothing and accessories to toys and bedding, and let us not forget the collectible figures. In addition to the Precious Moments brand you will also find a variety of items form trusted companies such as BabyBoom Consumer Products, Prestige Toy Corp, Luv'n Care, among others. I am confidant you will find the Precious Moments Baby Boutique a delightful place to shop for that special gift at that precious time.

Now for the icing on the cake. One lucky reader will win an adorable Precious Moments Baby animal crib toy. This little blue Hippo is just looking for a home and a precious baby to give it lots of love. To enter just follow a few easy steps.

1. Follow this blog.
2. Post a comment below telling us about your most Precious Moment and you favorite item from the Precious Moments Baby Boutique.
3. Share this page with others either in your own blog, on twitter, or on facebook. Be sure to post a link to your shared post in your comment.

Drawing will be held by random draw on Monday, August 23, 2010.