Monday, August 30, 2010

So much time and nothing to do.

The children have returned to school and while I stated all summer that I could not wait for school to start again, I miss them. I also miss having something constructive to do.

My ten year old is growing up way too fast. She has blossomed into a beautiful young woman over the summer and is enjoying her first year of Junior High. She still gets moody and constantly picks fights with her little sister, but if I remember correctly these are the joys of dealing with a teenager, I just get to deal with them 3 years earlier than I had planned. We did bond quite a bit over the vacation, I know she thinks I am the smartest person in the world(and I will enjoy that while it lasts) and she has developed a great love of coupons, which is enough to make any mother proud.

My 6 year old hasn't changed much, she still talks way to much and loves to bug big sister to the point of tears. My one fear going into the school year, was that she would not want to go or would not enjoy it. Last year was hard on her. Great news, she loves school. Her new teacher is a doll and has lots of patience, which is something her kindergarten teacher lacked. the only complaint my child has voiced is that she is tired of doing the same worksheets she did in kindergarten and is ready to learn something new. I was able to curb those complaints by explaining that the teacher just wants to make sure she didn't forget anything while she was on vacation. Leave it to Auriel to argue that we were only at Holiday World for one day and that was not long enough to forget anything.


  1. LOL I love the things that kids say! I have been in a long gap since the older ones have been in school (Kim lives with her dad in Indiana), so I am torn between LOVINV the idea of getting to do the school thing again and LOATHING the idea of having a bed time too...LOL. Although, when Alex starts school, there will be some really precious time for me to spend with Sedona....sigh. I hate even thinking about them starting school, I guess I want to hold on to the fact that right now, they both consider me brilliant at being a genius, a chef, and a nurse....after they head off to school, they always seem to think differently....LOL

  2. I completely understand how they change their view of you once they start school. Auriel will argue with me until she is blue in the face cause she swears that just because someone at school(another child even) told her it was so, meant mom was wrong.