Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Happens

I want to first say that I am sorry that I have not posted anything in quite some time. There really isn't anything going on in my little world. We had a pretty cold winter, but it appears to be slowly passing us by. the girls and I are excited. Nice weather means we can get out more. They are ready to go geocaching again. What is geocahing? It is an activity that the girls and I enjoy doing together. We get exercise and excitement all rolled into one, I am working on a post dedicated to this topic. Look for it to come in the near future. We will be hiding our own cache and will be giving away a cache for one of our readers to hide in their area. Should be fun.

Morgan is doing very well with her trombone. She had to compose her own piece last month, I hope to get video of her playing it and post it soon, but she said I had to wait until she was really good at it first. She and I are currently working on a big science project due in May, she has to build a catapult made mostly of recycled material. It has been challenging coming up with a good working model, but when we are finished I will write about that as well.

Not much going on with Auriel, she is getting straight A's which is good and her behavior, while not perfect, is getting better. She has found a great love of reading(like her momma) and hope that love continues to grow, books can take our imaginations to far greater lengths than television or movies have ever done. She is also starting to show an interest in cooking. She is constantly asking me to teach her how I make this or that.

I am still me, I keep attempting to work on my art more, but dull gray weather really has not inspired much creativity in me. I am excited for spring. Some of the flowers have begun blooming, I can not wait until the hummingbirds come back and see that I got them a feeder, maybe then they will not attack me while I sit on the porch. I am curious if I will make friends with some honeybees this year, for those who do not know, I befriended 3 very nice bees last summer, they enjoyed being fed soda on the outside table, but I think they may prefer the hummingbird food.

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