Monday, September 26, 2011

Fyrflyz Review and Giveaway

If you have children in your home who watch certain children channels that feature annoyingly cute cartoons and shows, then more than likely you have seen the following commercial.

These are Fyrflyz, a simple but cool spinning toy that requires little effort to work, but lots of practice to master. The toy consists of the main body part, with a light on each end and an on/off switch in the center. Attached to each end is a long cord or string and a finger ring. Aside from tips on how to hold it properly and how to get it going good and keeping it going, there are no other instructions. This is the part I like, children have to use their imaginations to find ways of spinning, twirling, bouncing and turning their Fyrflyz to create fun light tricks. Who said the dark couldn't be fun? I was afraid my children would give up after a while, but thankfully they are stubborn, only time you ever see me be thankful for that, and they keep practicing, ever more determined to create the perfect trick. I can clearly see why this is predicted to be the "IT" toy of the 2011 Holiday season.  I must confess that I play with the Fyrflyz after the kids go to bed, they are not the only stubborn members of our family :) .

When I was a little girl we would get a toy similar to these, although not nearly as fun or entertaining, from the games at the fair. Granted when I was small everything was amazing and valuable, but I did enjoy playing with it until my brothers found ways to use it as a weapon when forcing me to play some sort of war game. Not to worry I got back at them by making them play house and have tea parties with me. My old spinning toy did not light up and the coolest trick I could perform was to keep it spinning for more than 5 minutes. Kids today are so lucky, they have grown ups who grew up with the same simple toys and used their imaginations to transform them into AWESOMENESS, as my daughter Morgan says.

In my attempts to always give you my honest feedback concerning anything on this blog, I will point out when attempting to make the Fyrflyz spin faster it is important that you not put your hands too close together, coming in contact with a spinning anything is not fun. I received no cuts, scrapes, bruises or broken nails, but it did smart(hurt), so learn from my mistake and take care. The good news is the lights are covered by rubber tips.
"Each Fyrflyz has its own unique color combination to create color coordinated craziness." Cyclone has white and green lights, Nytfyr has blue and red lights(this is the one Morgan is using in our video), and our favorite the Blue Angel has a blue light on one side and changing color light on the other side. Fyrflyz are available at Toys R Us stores. Be sure to check them out on facebook and twitter.

And here is Morgan.

While I am not paid for this post I am given the products to try by Mom Select, however this does not influence my opinions in any way, all opinions are my own, all product pictures belong to Fyrflyz and are used with permission, the last video is my own and should not be used without my permission.The nice people at FyrFlyz and Mom Select are also allowing me to give one lucky reader their very own Fyrflyz. Just enter below on the Rafflecopter form, Good luck.


  1. Will it still count if I don't remember my fav. childhood toy?! LOL. I played with Barbie dolls...

  2. My favorite toy was my first Barbie Dream was gorgeous

  3. My kids love these.. My favorite toy growing up was a Stuffed Alvin and a Gizmo. :)

  4. my fave toy as a child was barbies but my brothers made sure they nevr had heads

  5. I loved my Mrs Beasley doll!!!

    Terri L

  6. My daughter favorite toy is the leap pad..she loves to be tested. Great learning tool :)