Sunday, January 20, 2013

The real reason I am here

I started this blog years ago, not on this site, but the idea of it I guess you could say. I always said I was going to keep it true to myself, to write in a way where you feel like you are actually talking to me and at the same time write about whatever crossed my mind regardless of who it may offend because in the end this is still my blog. Here lately I have been thinking about who I was back then and where I disappeared to. I loved me then, I was strong and had a thirst for life, always seeking out the unexpected. I do not know where I went or how I got there, but I want that me back. I miss her.

My point in all this is that I am going to try really hard to bring me back. I am not going to care so much if I offend anyone, sorry, but I do hope you all understand and come along for the ride. I promise you, it is sure to be a bumping one, but we will take plenty of rest stops.

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