Sunday, July 3, 2011

It is hot outside.

Well after much complaining about the rain we were getting, we can finally complain about the heat. It is hot. We have not been able to get much geocaching done do to the rain flooding the caching areas out and now it is too hot to even sit on the porch, much less hike through the woods looking for treasure. My only hope is that it evens out before school starts back up, I know the girls are really bummed.

We attempted a beach trip the other day, but the lake is the highest I have ever seen it. Water up to the sidewalk.

Due to the heat and Rick's new schedule we have no plans for the fourth either, not that I am complaining, I would much rather enjoy a quiet evening at home with my girls.

I go to pick up my bike on Monday, I am super excited. I havent riden a bike in over 13 years, but with the present state of my knees, the doctors say the bike will be better for me than walking and will help me lose some weight, plus it is something we can do as a family in the evenings when it is cooler outside.

Another goal for this month, to feed us 3 meals a day for less than 100 dollars a week including beverages. i do not coupon as well as my friends so this is a challenge. I also prefer to make most things the old fashion way and well they just do not give out very many coupons for meat and veggies in my area. I created a Menu template on Google Docs to try and help me plan the week out. I usually have no issue in planning my meals, but when faced with little boxes I needed to fill in I drew a blank and the family was no help. I am confidant that if i stick to it, this will become routine and will get easier as i go along.

I hope everyone reading this is doing well and having a great summer. If you blessed(sarcasm) with the heat we have, I hope you find plenty of fun ways to stay cool. Please have a safe Fourth of July and drink plenty of water.

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